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"Nothing is more challenging than getting a creative career off the ground. In many ways, it would be easier to get an elephant to fly. Flying Elephant Productions is dedicated to presenting new works, musicals and plays, that are dynamic, impassioned, and, in our belief, prone to fly. We not only give them first voice, but will also work with the creators to market and promote their work further. Our success at production and our entrepreneurial experience make us a uniquely qualified voice in theatre.


As the little bird and the lady in our logo know, the elephant can only fly when its friends support and guide it. In considering our work, I ask that you join us and partake of these amazing feats!"

- Leo Schwartz, Executive Director, Flying Elephant Productions.

Please make a donation here:

(A donation of $100 will go a long way to helping us out and it's tax deductible to the full extent of the law!)

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